Special Events

Discover Wednesday Night Bible Study       


Join us on Wednesday nights at 6:45 as we build on the most important relationships in life. 



What I Hear You Saying:

Effective Communication in the Marriage Relationship:

Healthy communication is vitally important for any relationship.  In What I Hear You Saying, Pastor Brian and Whitney Smith will share and apply practical principles of communication that will improve not only what is being said in your marriage, but what is being heard as well.




Experiencing God’s Dream for Your Marriage:

God designed marriage to be the most rewarding and fulfilling relationship on Earth.  It can also be the most challenging!  Brett and Stephani Niston will lead you in discovering God’s dream for your marriage and how to make it a reality.






Marriage Essentials for Moving Forward:

Whether you’ve been married 5 years or 50 years, marriage is a wondrous journey designed to bring out the best in any couple.  Join Rob and Kelly Williamson as they share God’s principles for moving forward and discovering God’s best for your next season of marriage.





All That I Need:

Walking Through the 23rd Psalm:

Life is a glorious adventure when lived under the watchful eye of a loving Shepherd.  In All That I Need, Pastor David examines the richness of one of Scripture’s most powerful passages with a look at some of God’s most precious promises.